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"My IZE experience was awesome. The staff was really great and supportive and the facilities war much nicer than expected. It was quite luxurious actually, which I wasn't expecting. I loved all of the educational activities - I learned a lot from my stay!"Caley GallisonColorado College
"I wouldn't change anything! My experience with IZE was amazing!"Natalie Gregory SUNY Cortland
“ The Idyllic postcards don't do it justice "Charles SellersGuest
" Kudo's to IZE "Susy LaymonCottage guest
"It's a paradise"Gary R. Gaston, Professor of Biology University of Mississippi
"A trip of a lifetime "Grant HokitCarroll College
" We we're well taken care of "Lisa GodinGuest

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Did You Know?

Scan Cafe - Arctic - SWC - Blue Creek - College Coed 1115
Did you know that the first station IZE built in Blue Creek was in 1975. It was 100 feet long and had a thatch roof. Within six months there were 6 foot trees growing out of the thatch roof. In a year the roof was completely green and reclaimed by the jungle.
Grouper for dinner ...doesn't get any fresher than this!
Did you know that The fish we serve you doesn't get any fresher than this.
Did you know that there are multiple caves some 50 feet higher than the main Blue Creek River Cave that contain ponds with shrimp, crabs and fish.
Scan Cafe - Arctic - SWC - Blue Creek - College Coed 1088
Did you know that seahorses come in many different color morphs including yellow.
Scan Cafe - Arctic - SWC - Blue Creek - College Coed 1089
Did you know that this spiral, fluffy looking organism known as a feather bduster is really a worm,
Did you know that in the beginning years IZE used a 36 foot homemade wooden sailboat to transport our groups out to South Water Caye. Often we had to jump overboard and wade ashore if the tide was too low.
Did you know that according to the Kekchi people of Blue Creek Village, Fred Dodd, the founder of IZE, was the first non-indigenous person to visit the cave at Blue Creek known in Kekchi as Hokeb Ha. The people of the village later approved the acquisition of the land around the cave by IZE.
Scan Cafe - Oak-Bze Animals-SWC-frisco-Tahiti-Canada Fishing-Ven 687
Did you know that the marine life around IZE"S South Water Caye field station is so pristine that U.N.E.S.C.O. declared it a "World Heritage Site" and it was later made into a national park by the Government of Belize. It is also known as one of the seven wonders of the underwater world.
Scan Cafe - Arctic - SWC - Blue Creek - College Coed 1362
Did you know that Dr. Meg Lowman (canopy meg), world renown botanist and author of several books including "Forest Canopies" and "Life in the treetops" surveyed and did a great deal of botanical work at our IZE rainforest station at Blue Creek.
Scan Cafe - Arctic - SWC - Blue Creek - College Coed 1332
Did you know that Dr Bob Ballard (founder of the Titanic) chose both our marine station at South Water Caye and our rainforest station at Blue Creek to broadcast his "Jason Project" live, interactive, educational series to hundreds of schools throughout the world.
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